Dec 11, 2010

Only 1 more week....

And we get to be a family!!!!!

I am one lucky girl, I have sooo much to be thankful for :)

Oct 18, 2010

Well Hello...

I am the most terrible blogger ever!! Its just that life has been sooo busy!! (haha but isn't everyone's? ;) But really, life has been crazy. I am working full time now and Livie is in kindergarten and it just seems like I never have time to blog or check blogs anymore :(
Anyway I'm here now and thought I would post a couple updates...if anyone even reads this anymore, haha.
So lets see...Life is good. Busy, but really good :) I am working full time and its really made me realize how lucky I am that I was able to spend so much time with Livie before she started school. My time with her is precious and I'm so grateful I have a job that allowed me to bring Livie with me to work and now work while she's in school.

Oh and did I mention that Livie is in KINDERGARTEN!!!! I can't even believe it. Its just awful. Ok, well for her its great, she loves it. She really likes her teacher and LOVES learning. She is constantly drawing and practicing her letters until she has no paper left to draw on (that is until she moves on to her bedroom furniture...little stinker!)
I just cannot beleive my baby girl is old enough to be in kindergarten...I remember when she was just a newborn rocking her to sleep and thinking how 'some day' she would start kindergarten...
Well that same day came way too soon!!!
I've held it together pretty well though...I didn't even cry the first week I had to drop her off at school...but we won't get into the second week... haha.

Livies first day of school:

And the next day:

(Instead of posting a trillon pics, I'll just save all the other 'next day' pictures for my own scrap book... ;)

In June, my brother, Elder Logan Phillips came home from serving a mission in Tx.
We were sooooo excited to see him!!!!
I think we might've overwhelmed him a lil when he first got home, heehee. We couldn't help it, we were just so excited!!
(Livie ended up having to spend a couple days in the hospital right before Logan came home because of a really bad seizure/breathing episode she we were realllly happy that we were able to come home in time to see Logan....and that Livie bounced back so well health wise :)

I've gotten to spend a lot of time with my sisters lately. I can honestly say they are my best friends :) I don't know what I'd do with out em!! We have sooo much fun just being together and hanging out. During the summer my mom and Shayla would come stay with us and we'd make a girls wknd of it. We definately made a lot of fun memories ;)
My awesome, talented cousin, Sarah, took these 'sister pics' for us and we gave them to my mom for her B day :) It was a lof of fun making these pictures

We had a GREAT summer and spent a lot of time with the fam :)

Now that Logan's back we got to go riding together... (we were watching the boys ride on the big jumps... and maybe posing a lil too for this picture ;)
Love this girl...she made me laugh every single day!!!!!

Of course...while we were home we got to get some farm work in
And then we even talked the bro's into coming down to SL and hangin with us over a few wknds. :)

Also, in June... my beautiful Bestie got MARRIED!! She was such a GORGEOUS bride and looked stunning on her SPECIAL day :)

Mr. and Mrs. Andy Rowell :)

I got to be a bridesmaid :)

And...I even caught the BOUQUET!!! and you know what they say...if you catch the bouquet you're next in line for being the bride. Sillllly little saying....

But must hold some truth... cuz....

I'M GETTING MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the night it all went down...I totally did NOT even see it coming ;)
(hence the hot farm clothes I'm sportin ;)

I am sooooo excited to marry Rob!!! He is an AMAZING guy :) :)
He's so good to Livie and me :)

(lil fam pic at none other than the EISF)
Well, thats my life lately... So in a is GOOD :)

Just had to slide this pic in. Seriousy, how cute are these 2?! haha!! Just love them!!!

Jun 1, 2010

Can you talk the talk?

(This is a long post, I am mostly writing these things down as a journal for myself...since I am so bad at actually writing in my journal, ha)

I just love how innocent children are, the way they think and perceive things. Oh to see through a child's eyes :) I love how Livie looks at things.

~So the weather here hasn't been too warm, in fact its been pretty atrocious, even going as far as snowing in May!!
When Livie's birthday was coming up I told her it was almost her birthday. I thought she would be so excited, instead she was confused and said,
"Mom, you didn't tell the truth."
Me- What do you mean?
Livie- You said my birthday was in summer time!!! Its not my birthday yet!
(Haha, I had to blame mother nature on that one!)

Then the other day I was listening to Livie play with her dolls. She had pulled her scriptures out and was 'reading' to them. She was telling them about Nephi-a and Lehi-a. Later I told her their names were actually just Nephi and Lehi...Livie said, "Oh I know who Nephi and Lehi are,
(like duh, Mom) I was talking about their wives."
(Luv it! ;)

Then when Utah had a little earthquake here. I explained to Livie what had happened and she kept calling it an earth quick. When I asked her why, she said:
"Because the Earth shook real quick."
Makes sense to me, I love how her little mind works :)

Baring the cold spring weather!!

I LOVE Livie's vocabulary, sometimes she talks like such a little adult. She uses words like 'totally,' and 'amazing,' and 'the thing is...' But my absolute favorite things she does....she pronounces her R's as W's: she calls Rob 'Wob or Wobit instead of Robert. She says 'widiculous,'and her baby doll, donut cutter (yes, that is what she named it) she calls it donut cutta. Haha I just love it!! I'm so sad she's 5 now, because when she was 4 she would say, "I'm fo!!" ;)

She also says:
-blow the window up
-you losed, I winned
-Dasagna and pasghetti are her favorite foods
-She also loves yogwut (yogurt)
-nail hang (instead of hang nail)

*The GiRls*

When Uncle David came to town, him and Liv were best buds! :)

Now that Alyvia is older she doesn't like to snuggle with me anymore...but every once in a while I can talk her into it... and then we fell asleep, I don't know why, but I just love taking naps with her!!

This is my favorite, Livie LOVES to draw and color. She can write her name and has really gotten into drawing people as well. This is a picture she drew of her family, Gma and Gpa Phillips and all her aunts and uncles. Haha I love the big eyes :)

Some chalk drawings of more people

Livie's many poses:

Seriously, such a lil poser!
And I am waaaaay behind...but here's Easter pics

For FHE we bought some Walmart kicks and jazzed them up a bit. It was fun and maybe we actually wear them too!! ;)

Ohhhh I cannot believe how BIG my Livie bug has gotten, its just CRAZY!! She's definitely got some attitude and spunk these days, haha! But she's still my best little partner in crime :)

May 26, 2010


Wow...I am such a crappy blogger...and baby turned FIVE years old!!!!!!!

Time has gone by just way too fast. I was seriously a little sad that Livie is getting so BIG!! She sure is growing up and I sure love her!!

She seriously has so much attitude and spunk. Some days I feel like I have a 15 year old, haha!! But this girl cracks me up, she definitely has a sense of humor ;)

I can't help but get a little nostalgic as I post this...I just have SOOO much to be grateful for. I can't believe how healthy Alyvia is. This past year she has made those lasting improvements for sure...she no longer has MAJOR anxiety like she used to (she's so much more independent!) She's only had a couple of seizures in the past year, and she was only hospitalized twice in 2009...and she doesn't CRY like she used to!!! Part of the brain healing was crying...endless crying. And its like once she started to cry she just could not stop. I don't know how to explain it, except it was really hard.

But I can't even complain because my little Bug is alive and well. I was visiting a friend's little girl who is staying at Primary's and it just brought back sooo many memories being there at the hospital. It also made me count my blessings...and you know what?? I have A LOT of blessings!!! :) Sorry, I'm not trying to make this into a brag blog! I just feel like I am one lucky/blessed gal.

I feel like Livie and myself are at a really good place in life :)

I have some AMAZING people in my life, an AWESOME family and one INCREDIBLE little girl AND a job I love!!
Seriously, what more could I ask for?!? :)

Happy Birthday, Bug!!!! I'm so glad I get to be your mommy!

Haha love her face

Livie's most favorite person ever...Gma!!!

Livie got a Hello Kitty bike for her Bday!!! :)

Auntie Ashley made the cake :)

Flying kites!!

Apr 27, 2010

Just a farm girl at heart

Idaho will always be my home, its where I grew up and I personally think I had one of the best childhood's ever :) I absolutely loved growing up on a farm, okay okay so at the time I might not have loved it...I thought my dad was so mean to make me go out and do chores all the time, especially when I was in high school, my dad was seriously trying to put a damper on my social life. Haha ;)
But, as I've gotten older I have cherished my farm memories and have actually gotten really homesick for life on the farm.
Even though I don't live all that far away, I still don't make it home very often. So a couple weeks ago I made the drive home and it was seriously so good to be 'back home.' I always love seeing my family and it was so good to be back in Idaho.
I never thought I'd say this, but putting on my rubber boots to go out and do chores never felt so good!!! (Now hopefully my dad doesn't get wind of this or he'll try to talk me into coming home to pick rock!! haha) Sheep herd 2010 Visiting the sheep herd My baby brother...who is not a baby anymore. I can't beleive how much he has grown up, especially since Logan has been gone on his mission. Caleb has def stepped up to the plate and become my Dad's 2nd in command. I don't know what my Dad would do without Caleb's help :) My spunky lil Livie Jo!! This picture is cropped for obvioius reasons, haha I was so excited to pull a lamb! Seriously though... The boss man And of course it wouldn't be home without the cows... Feeding calves

Not for the weary or weak, haha. Some live footage of lamb pulling... ;)