Jan 19, 2010

My sister, Ashley

Ashley and I aren't even 2 years apart...and growing up we didn't exactly...see eye to eye, haha! Don't get me wrong, I have fond 'growing up memories' with her, but I think because we were so close in age and have such different personalities we argued a lot. My mom would always tell me, "Some day when you guys are grown up and don't live by each other you are going to miss each other and wish you were nicer to each other!"

Well, turns out my mother was right.

As Ash and I got older we realized that we actually quite liked each other and...even had fun with each other, gasp!!! ;)

When I was going through my divorce it was a really hard time for me. Ashley lived here in Utah at the time, but I remeber she was always there for me. She would even come home to Idaho on the weekends and stay with me. She helped me through some really difficult times. Through all of this Ash and I became really close. She is not only my sister, but she became my confident and best friend.

Now, I live in Utah...and I live with Ashley. I know it can't be easy for her to live with me and my little girl. Ashley really is like a second mom to Alyvia. Ash watches/sleeps with Livie when I work nights. Ash also plays with Livie and gives me a breather when she knows I am getting stressed or just 'having one of those days.' I know Ash has had to sacrifice some things for Livie and me.

I just want my sister to know how much I appreciate her. I really could not do it without her help.
Livie loves 'her Ashely.' And I don't even think Ash realizes what an impact she is having on Livie's life. Or mine. Thank you, Ashely!!! Thank you for being a good example and for all you do for us!!
So here's to my sister and my best friend, I love you, oyster!!! :)

Our first day of school: first and second grade

Haha, all I can say is wow, check out that hair!!

Ashley as a blondie!!

2006 (haha, no we do not have perms, our hair is just naturally curly..aka fro-y!! ;)

Ashley visiting us in B-town

Summer time 2006

4/08 I got to go on a cruise with my sister, it was an awesome experience!! As you can tell by my face, I am scared to death and Ash was just laughing her head off, she LOVES heights!!!

We went to Mexico, it was beautiful!!

09, some LV action. Ash's feet were hurting so I did what any big sis would do and gave her a lift ;)

5/09 Livie's 4th B-day!!
Running the 5K together for Brain Injury...and yes, we did actually finish :)

Summer time playtime!! 09


Livie loves 'Her Ashley' and wanted to dress just like her
Some sisterly love going on here :)

I'm pretty dang lucky I have Ash for a sis!!!

Christmas Eve 09

Most recent "fam picture" Jan-2010 Getting in on some bowling fun for FHE

haha, sorry for the pic overload!!

Jan 12, 2010


Just trying to get caught up from the holidays!
We went home to Idaho for Christmas and it was soooo nice!! I definitely miss home sometimes. It was so good to see the fam and just hang out, eat delicious food and spend time with each other. This really was one of my most favorite Christmas' because it was simple, but so good to be home with each other.
Family really is everything!! I am so thankful I have such an amazing, loving family that always has fun just being together :)

(I lost my camera so I don't have any pics of Liv opening presents Christmas morning :( or of the boys dirt bike riding in Mesquite...but I think I got everything else in between...)

Phillips Christmas eve partay...Little miss Livie Bug and her Gramma and Pappa

Us girls in our matching jammies on Christmas eve

The whole fam bam...minus Logan who's serving a mission, but he'll be home next year!...in our matching pj's!

Mesquite!!!!! We were able to take a small family trip to Mesquite right after Christmas to go dirt bike riding...it was sooo much fun!! I used to always say how dangerous dirt bikes are, but now that I've gone riding a few times its so much fun...and addicting, haha!! We all had a really good time. It is still dangerous, though...my poor momma had a little incident and came home with a walker... however, she wasn't on a dirt bike and did happen to be on flat ground...what a wild woman!! ;) Glad you're okay, Mom!!

*SisterS* in our matching Christmas attire.. ;)

The girls!! Getting down and dirty dirt bike riding during the day...and then getting dressed up at night... :)

My beautiful Momma-cita. Thanks for all your hard work in making the holidays such a wonderful time, we appreciate ALL you do for us!!! The house definitely could not run with out you! Love you, mom!!

These were the cutest little boys ever!!!

There were 4 boys in all...I think Livie had finally met her match!! ;)

We were able to go and stay at a cabin in Bear Lake...loved it!!

Livie Bug and her best little buddy making a gingerbread house

More Christmas festivities with my Bug

Thanksgiving...we were giving our famous "stink eye!!" haha

And last, but not least...all us girls went to see the much buzzed about film, Twilight!!!!