Apr 27, 2010

Just a farm girl at heart

Idaho will always be my home, its where I grew up and I personally think I had one of the best childhood's ever :) I absolutely loved growing up on a farm, okay okay so at the time I might not have loved it...I thought my dad was so mean to make me go out and do chores all the time, especially when I was in high school, my dad was seriously trying to put a damper on my social life. Haha ;)
But, as I've gotten older I have cherished my farm memories and have actually gotten really homesick for life on the farm.
Even though I don't live all that far away, I still don't make it home very often. So a couple weeks ago I made the drive home and it was seriously so good to be 'back home.' I always love seeing my family and it was so good to be back in Idaho.
I never thought I'd say this, but putting on my rubber boots to go out and do chores never felt so good!!! (Now hopefully my dad doesn't get wind of this or he'll try to talk me into coming home to pick rock!! haha) Sheep herd 2010 Visiting the sheep herd My baby brother...who is not a baby anymore. I can't beleive how much he has grown up, especially since Logan has been gone on his mission. Caleb has def stepped up to the plate and become my Dad's 2nd in command. I don't know what my Dad would do without Caleb's help :) My spunky lil Livie Jo!! This picture is cropped for obvioius reasons, haha I was so excited to pull a lamb! Seriously though... The boss man And of course it wouldn't be home without the cows... Feeding calves

Not for the weary or weak, haha. Some live footage of lamb pulling... ;)

Apr 7, 2010

Because I am a such a bad blogger...

Here are a few pics of what we've been up to:

Bowling!! Livie seriously LOVE's to get her bowl on...and maybe she's even beat my score once or twice... ;)

I just love her so much. She really is my lil buddy

Too cute!! :)

So when you ask Liv what she wants to be when she grows up she says.... a ROCKSTAR!! She's practicing her talent on my chairs...

Best little buddies

Haha, this girl seriously cracks me up every day...I don't even know where she comes up with half the stuff she says!

Grandpa Great's birthday bash

Love her lil belly...there was a lot of food there okay ;)

Mommy and Livie Bug :)