Feb 27, 2009

Our journey

My sister, Ashley, made this for me.
I think she titled it perfectly, what a journey it has been! There have been some rough times and some really great times too.

Livie and I are getting ready to start a new journey, we are moving to Utah this weekend. We are excited and looking forward to what the future has to offer!
As we start this new chapter in our lives, I decided that it is time to make my blog pivate. I want to invite anyone who is interested in keeping updated on Livie's health and progress. I know there are a lot of people who care about Alyvia and have been keeping up to date with her progress through this blog. We appreciate all the sweet comments left on the blog and wonderful support we have gotten from everyone this past year!!! So don't be shy, leave your email so I can send you an invite. (Even the followers I have only met through blogging, those who just take peaks at our blog here and there and even the blog stalkers, because, well, I stalk your blog too! ;)

Feb 1, 2009

All About Alyvia

(Livie belting out her ABC's)

All About Alyvia...

*Alyvia is 3 1/2. I can't even belive how big she is, or where the time has gone. She's still my baby though! (;

*She really loves preschool and learns new things everyday

*She LOVES hearing fairy tales. Over and over and over again...

*She likes to sing.

*Her favorite snack: I wish I could say carrot sticks or broccoli...but she prefers fruit snacks or chocolate

*She loves playing with her baby dolls, its her favorite past time

*I love when she says cute things like 'aminals' or 'Christmas Steve'

*She hates taking a bath, she especially hates getting her hair washed...or brushed...

*She is very compassionate, especially to other sick children

*She is, well...not quiet. She loves to talk and ask questions. She def has a lot of spunk and personality (:

*She is smart, she surprises me with the things she knows and understands

*She's kinda short (; (She got my genes in that department, sorry Liv)

*Her name is spelled A-l-y via because I wanted to call her Aly for a nickname...yeah, it didn't stick. Guess she's just a Livie!

*Her favorite food is chicken nuggs...dipped in ranch, of course!!

*She still loves DORA!! I'm kind of wondering when she'll grow out of this...haha (;

*I absolutely love Livie's laugh. Its such a deep chortle!! It surprises/scares people someitmes, haha.(It didn't used to be like this before brain surgery, but her voice changed after the surgery which is common with brain surgery and being on a vent) I love her 'evil' little laugh, though, because its when she's REALLY lauging.

*Alyvia is very girlie and already has an eye for fashion (yes, I started training young) but she can also be quite the tom boy! I guess its good to have a little of both in ya, right.

So there ya have it, Alyvia in a nutshell. (:

Pretending to take a very important call on my cell phone...

Silly girl!!