Jun 1, 2010

Can you talk the talk?

(This is a long post, I am mostly writing these things down as a journal for myself...since I am so bad at actually writing in my journal, ha)

I just love how innocent children are, the way they think and perceive things. Oh to see through a child's eyes :) I love how Livie looks at things.

~So the weather here hasn't been too warm, in fact its been pretty atrocious, even going as far as snowing in May!!
When Livie's birthday was coming up I told her it was almost her birthday. I thought she would be so excited, instead she was confused and said,
"Mom, you didn't tell the truth."
Me- What do you mean?
Livie- You said my birthday was in summer time!!! Its not my birthday yet!
(Haha, I had to blame mother nature on that one!)

Then the other day I was listening to Livie play with her dolls. She had pulled her scriptures out and was 'reading' to them. She was telling them about Nephi-a and Lehi-a. Later I told her their names were actually just Nephi and Lehi...Livie said, "Oh I know who Nephi and Lehi are,
(like duh, Mom) I was talking about their wives."
(Luv it! ;)

Then when Utah had a little earthquake here. I explained to Livie what had happened and she kept calling it an earth quick. When I asked her why, she said:
"Because the Earth shook real quick."
Makes sense to me, I love how her little mind works :)

Baring the cold spring weather!!

I LOVE Livie's vocabulary, sometimes she talks like such a little adult. She uses words like 'totally,' and 'amazing,' and 'the thing is...' But my absolute favorite things she does....she pronounces her R's as W's: she calls Rob 'Wob or Wobit instead of Robert. She says 'widiculous,'and her baby doll, donut cutter (yes, that is what she named it) she calls it donut cutta. Haha I just love it!! I'm so sad she's 5 now, because when she was 4 she would say, "I'm fo!!" ;)

She also says:
-blow the window up
-you losed, I winned
-Dasagna and pasghetti are her favorite foods
-She also loves yogwut (yogurt)
-nail hang (instead of hang nail)

*The GiRls*

When Uncle David came to town, him and Liv were best buds! :)

Now that Alyvia is older she doesn't like to snuggle with me anymore...but every once in a while I can talk her into it... and then we fell asleep, I don't know why, but I just love taking naps with her!!

This is my favorite, Livie LOVES to draw and color. She can write her name and has really gotten into drawing people as well. This is a picture she drew of her family, Gma and Gpa Phillips and all her aunts and uncles. Haha I love the big eyes :)

Some chalk drawings of more people

Livie's many poses:

Seriously, such a lil poser!
And I am waaaaay behind...but here's Easter pics

For FHE we bought some Walmart kicks and jazzed them up a bit. It was fun and maybe we actually wear them too!! ;)

Ohhhh I cannot believe how BIG my Livie bug has gotten, its just CRAZY!! She's definitely got some attitude and spunk these days, haha! But she's still my best little partner in crime :)