Jun 27, 2008


Since we stayed with my sister Ashely, we got to use her pool too. Livie loves her aunt Ashley, almost as much as she loved the pool! Haha! (just teasin sis!)
After my last post saying how healthy Livie has been....She got a cold!! Nothing too terrible, but it still left her with a cough and wheezier lungs.

Needless to say Livie was not able to have her MRI. We went down to Utah and stayed with my sister. The next morning we got up really early and went to the hospital. We got all checked in and waited and waited until Livie was finally ready to go see the anesthesiologist....thats when he broke the news and said "That because of Alyvia's medical history, he did not feel comfortable performing the procedure." Since Alyvia was not in her best medical condition the Dr didn't feel good about her having the sedation for the MRI, especially where Livie is not a good candidate at all for any kind of sedation. I had been a little worried about that with her cold, I'd even called Primary's, but they said to still bring her down. So it's kind of a bummer we'll have to do it all over again in a couple weeks, but that's okay, because if the anesthesiologist didn't feel good about it, then I'm going with his opinion. I am glad that they can respect how sick Livie was and know that she likes to keep everyone on their toes with some of the tricks she pulls!

The trip wasn't a complete waste though, we stopped in the PICU and got to see a couple of our favorite nurses!! They all happened to be working that same day. Which made our day! I am so glad that they got to see Livie now, since they'd only seen her at her sickest. (I didn't even think to bring a camera though and get pics, dang it!) We had some of the best nurses EVER and I am still grateful for how incredible they were! We love Primary's PICU nurses!!! They are GREAT!

We had to re-schedule the rest of Livie's appointments she had that day since they all go off what the MRI says....so we'll be going back down in 3 weeks, hopefully then she'll be nice and healthy. (Well, healthy for Livie!)

The highlight of our trip...while we were in Utah, I got to finally meet my little HERO, Charlie Cooper!! A lot of you know about him from my blog, for those of you who don't, Charlie and Alyvia have both been through similar brain trauma. It was such a neat experience to finally meet the little boy who has touched my life and my heart so much. Charlie is such a handsome little guy with the most beautiful blue eyes. It was so great to finally meet Charlie and his amazing family. I have to much love and admiration for them.

Livie chatting it up with Rob (She made herself right at home!)
Finally meeting my cute little hero!


Thanks again for letting us stop by!! You made our day!!

Elder Logan Phillips

My little, big brother

Livie and her uncle Logie

Some of the fam

I am really proud of my little brother, Logan. He just left for his mission. He will be serving in the Cuernevaca, Mexico mission. He left for the MTC on Wed. Logan had his farewell combined with his cousin's welcome who just returned from serving a mission. It was really great to see everyone there.
I'm not gonna lie....I already miss the little punk!!

Little Miss Sass!!

Jun 14, 2008


I have been a really bad blogger lately....
So here's a little update on Livie.

She really has been doing well. This is the longest time she's gone without being sick --knock on wood!! It just seems like during the winter time she always had some cold or bug!! Yuck!
Her lungs seem like they are doing better, they aren't as wheezy. She still does her breathing treatments and it really helps.

She does, though, still have her good days and her bad days. Some days are really hard because she just cries and cries. She is inconsolable. This is common with brain trauma. It's going to take time, the brain is still healing. When she has a really bad day and I'm really frustrated I just have to remember how sick she was and just how lucky I am that she is still here.

In a few days Alyvia has some appointments at Primary's and an MRI to make sure the tumor isn't growing back. I am a little nervous about the MRI, Livie does not sedate well, so once again it'll be done under GA. Which is better than her stopping breathing in the middle of the MRI, but I still hate that fact that she'll have to be intubated. I know she's going to have to have MRI's for the rest of her life....but I still get so nervous about them.

Other than that, we've just been keeping busy with life and waiting for summer time to finally show up around here!! (;

Livie went fishing for the first time with her dad. She loved it!! She even had her own Dora fishing pole!!

She's got something
She reeled it in...(or maybe she just backed up until the fish was on the grass!!)

Yay! She did it!!

Alyvia got a kitchen set for her birthday!! She loves playing with it. I highly reccomend this for toddlers...it keeps Livie entertained for hours!! (;