Oct 27, 2009

Livie talk

Livie says the dangest things. I'm not even sure where she gets some of the stuff she says...
I love listening to her talk. She's always been very talkative and good at communicating. I still like it when she pronounces things wrong, like Christmas Eve is "Christmas Steve" and she still uses the phrase, "I'm are," haha, love it. And she still calls me mommy. I super love that.

Alyvia also starts so many of her sentences with "The thing is..."
"The thing is I don't really want to eat that for dinner mommy..."
Haha, she sounds so grown up, I swear she is 4 going on 14!

So the other day Livie got a new baby doll, when I asked her what her baby's name was, she replied, "Peach Hole."
Wow, that just sounds bad, haha and I have no idea how she came up with this. I have since tried to get her to change the name to something else...anything else, but Peach Hole it is.

Livie is also really using her imagination lately, she has an imaginary pet puppy, actually 2 pet puppies and 1 pet kitty. The other day as we were getting in the car to leave Livie starts SCREAMING, I'm thinking she's shut her finger in the door or rolled a body part up in the window, something horrible to cause that kind of screaming...no, we just forget to bring the pets with us...that's right, the imaginary pets. So we have to get out of the car, hike up the 3 flights of stairs to our condo, unlock the door and grab Livie's pets.
Now every time we leave I make sure not to forget the imaginary pets.

Then today, as Livie and I were in the bath tub bathing, I felt something warm trickling down my back, I turn around to see my child standing up peeing on me.
Me- Livie, Oh my gosh, you just peed all over me!!!!
Livie- No, mom, I just peed SOME over you.

(Guess she's much more critical with her words than I am. Whatever, she still PEED on me!!!)

Then the other day I couldn't find Livie, I was calling for her throughout the house and I started to get panicky when I still couldn't find her. She finally steps in from being out on the balcony.
Livie- Mom, I'm just right here.
Me- I couldn't find you, I was started to get worried, Livie.
Livie- Oh, well don't worry, the wind didn't blow me away, I'm still here.
(Haha, like the wind could blow her away ;) Silly girl

And then of course you have to love kids for their honesty.
Like when we were at Walmart in the exchange/return line and Livie pointed to a lady there and said, "Look mom, that lady has a baby in her tummy." And because Livie kept saying this pretty loudly, that 'pregnant' lady informed us that she did NOT have a baby in her tummy, but was just fat. So Livie agrees and says, "Yeah, you are fat."
Talk about mortification. My bright red face and I turned around and left Walmart as fast as we could!!

Or...when I ask my child if she thinks I'm the prettiest mommy ever and she replies, "Well, not today mommy." Haha, thanks Livie, that was not the answer I was looking for, though ;)

I sure love my wild, little Livie bug. She can definitely be a stinker, but she also makes me smile every day!! :)

Oct 8, 2009

P is for Powell

We just took our family vacay to Lake Powell. I love it there!! The weather was great and we had a blast there!! (We did miss our bro, Logan, who is in Tx on his mission, but he'll be back for next summer's trip :)