Mar 26, 2008

Easter Sunday

(Yes, that is a Dora tattoo on her arm, she wanted to put it on her cheek!)

Alyvia woke up Easter morning and found her Easter basket. Then she got to find some eggs. She was running around the house giggling, she was so excited. It was so fun to watch (especially since Christmas hadn't been very fun, she was still struggling with the brain trauma....and wasn't herself at all.)

The Easter bunny got Livie an Easter dress....and she finally got to go to church!! (Well, sacrament meeting.) She hasn't been to church in a loooong time (over 6 months! Pretty sure she is on the inactive list! ;) So it was really good to finally take her out and bring her to church.(She still can't go to nursery....too many germs. We'll just take it one step at a time.)
We had a good Easter, and are really happy Livie was here to celebrate it with us.

Mom and Livie

The Easter bunny found our house (:

Some of the girls

div> Showing off their matching Dora tatts!

She loves her Uncle Caleb...I love how they have the same expression!

Checking out the new puppies

Finding Easter eggs

She needed a little help

Mar 24, 2008

Easter egg hunt

Getting ready to go find Easter eggs with Griffin!

Alyvia went to the Primary's Easter egg hunt. It was pretty cold (when isn't it cold here?! haha) but she loved finding the eggs. It was the first time she's really been outside. She was lovin it! (I was a little hesitant since it was cold, but Livie was dressed warm and she had so much fun!)

Gotta find more eggs!

Together forever

I am so happy for the Dance family. They were able to go to the temple and be sealed together as a family. I had never been to a sealing before, it was really neat. I am so glad I could be there to witness such a special occasion.

Yay Dance family! I love you guys!
Griffin and Lexi

Mar 18, 2008

5 Things about Alyvia

Alyvia's been tagged!

1) Alyvia only calls her Dad by his first name, Hutch. She doesn't call him "Dad." Hutch was her very first word and it stuck! She knows that Hutch is her dad, she just likes to call him Hutch or Hutchie!

2) Her favorite color is pink!

3) Alyvia's middle name is Jo. She is named after her Grandpa, Joe.

4) Livie is a typical girl....she LOVES purses! She never leaves home without hers. (She won't even go get the mail without her purse in hand!)

5) When she was born she weighed in at 7 lbs & 7 oz. (People always ask me how much she weighed when they find out her medical history.) Livie was a healthy baby until she turned a year old, then she started throwing up and getting sick. This was all related to the tumor growing and putting pressure on her brain.

This sounds cheesy, but Alyvia really is the light of my life. I never realized you could love something so, so much....until I became a mother.

She was saying "Cheeeeese!"

Somebody got into the chocolate!!

Now we tag: Ashlee Cook, Lexi and Griffin Dance, Corgin Simonson, Julia Joy Soderquist, Naomi Hansen, Bentley Stevens, Kinsey Rees and Noelle's Emrie....pretty much anyone who wants to do it!

Mar 12, 2008

Mission call

My little bro got his mission call.....
Logan is going to Cuernavaca, Mexico.

We are all really excited for him. We went out to dinner to celebrate and it was one of the few times Livie's been out. She loved it!! She had a great time running around like a wild girl which was really nice to see.

We had a really fun time with the fam.

Sisters <3 href="">Livie BugThe Phillips family
Alyvia and PapaLogan and Caleb

This is how Caleb eats his jello!!

Mar 9, 2008

ABC tag

Tagged by Jenny

A - Attached or single? quite a few people actually! (;

B - Best friends? Rachel, Michele, Summer, my sisters, and Kami.

C - Cake or pie? Pie

D - Day of choice? I like Fridays

E - Essential Items? Chapstick and my cell phone

F- Favorite clothing item? Whatever's comfy

G - Greatest ambition in life? To be a good person, to have a healthy family (Alyvia) and to be happy.

H- Habits? Going to bed late

I - Indulgence? Sleeping in or reading a good book

J - Jan. or July? I love summer, so July all the way

K - Kids? Livie Jo, she is 2 1/2

L - Life isn't complete without? People who love you and treat you well.

M - Movie? I love the Bourne series, Without a Paddle.

N - Number of bros and sis? 3 bros and 2 sisters

O - Oranges or apples? Both, I like fruit

P - Phobia or fear? Finding another tumor, loosing my child or someone I love

Q - Quote? "If you tell the truth you don't have to remember anything" -Mark Twain
I have learned that honesty is actually pretty rare.

R - Reason to smile? Alyvia!! She is our little miracle.

S- Season of choice? SUMMER!!! I love camping and boating!

T - TV shows? I missed a lot of them I used to watch from being at the hospital so long, but I just started watching "Keeping up with the Kardashians," I don't know why, but I love it!

U - Unknown fact about me? My hair is naturally really curly and I broke 7 bones (in 15 different places all in one very bad accident)

V - Vegetable? Actually I really like all vegetables.

W - Worst habit? I tend to always be late

X - ray or ultrasound? Whichever

Y - Your favorite food? Everything!! Seriously, there's not too much I don't eat. I like meat...steak and burgers. I also like Italian.

Z - Zodiac sign? Libra!!

Now I tag Rhetts mom, Pam, Mikelle, Vanae, Tiffany, Jen King and Teresa and Misty.

Mar 5, 2008

Feeling better, but more seizures

Livie hadn't seen her Gramma for awhile so she was excited to finally see her

We are finally feeling better, yay! Livie still has a cough, but it never got really bad, however she did stop breathing once in the middle of the night because she got so congested she just had a hard time breathing. (Good thing Alyvia still has a pulse ox and I am a light sleeper.)

Livie's lungs have been really wheezy and crackly (from this flu/cold I'm sure) so she's had to do more breathing treatments, but she is definitely feeling better because she's been running around like a crazy girl! I have to make her take a break sometimes because she gets so wheezy I'm afraid she'll stop breathing.

Alyvia was doing really well and hadn't had any seizures for a while (the doctor still thinks it's seizures that trigger Livie to shake and then stop breathing and then to pass out) then yesterday it happened 3 times! Sometimes during the seizures she barely shakes and then sometimes they are so bad that I have to lay her on the bed because I am afraid she is going to hurt herself she is convulsing so bad. Yesterday they were really bad one's, she had a hard time coming to and she had a hard time walking afterwards. Since we've upped her seizure medication when Livie passes out she usually comes right to. It usually only lasts 30 seconds instead of minutes. So that's better, but I wish we could just get the seizures under control. We tried giving her iron supplements to see if that would help....but that didn't go over so well. We are supposed to be talking to Livie's neurologist to see what he wants to do....

Other than that, Livie is still doing well. She is a busy little thing, and I can't wait for the wheather to warm up so I can take her outside!!

We were playing hide-and-seek and Alyvia was hiding....hmmm where could she be
There she is!!

Mar 2, 2008

In honor of Ian

Ian's family is making and gathering different projects to donate to Primary's Children's Medical Center and to the Ronald McDonald house in honor of Ian. I think it is a wonderful idea. While we were at Primary's I was amazed at how much the hospital caters to the children. They were always giving stuffed animals, toys, blankets, books and more to the children there. It was nice that Livie was able to get fun things while being in the hospital.

We also stayed many times at the Ronald McDonald house. Especially when Livie was in the PICU, the hospital only has a few sleep rooms for the parents and they filled up fast. It was really nice for us to be able to stay at the Ronald McDonald house. The RMH is possible because of donations; food, toys, money, everything is donated.

We too, are so thankful to all of the kind people that donated or gave to help us out and other families going through difficult situations.
If anyone would like to join or help in any way here is some more info: